Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will my product last? 
A: All timbers vary on durability; the overall lifespan will also depend upon where the product is situated. Generally softwood that is well maintained will last 20-25 years with hardwood 30 years plus. 

Q: Can I have double glazed sliding sash windows? 
A: Yes, the traditional cords and sashes are replaced with spiral balances to take the extra weight of the double glazed units. 

Q: Do you manufacture and install joinery? 
A: Yes, we can either manufacture only or ‘supply and install’ our own joinery. We also install standard ‘off the shelf’ products if the customer requires. 

Q: Do you provide free estimates? 
A: Yes, we provide free, no obligation quotes estimates and we can also provide local authorities with detailed costing for grant work e.g. conservation listed buildings etc. 

Q: Can you keep glazing bars on sash Georgian windows whilst using double glazing? 
A: Yes, using a bar bonding system in which the glazing bars are bonded onto one sheet of glass. This keeps the look of slimeline bar and maintains a very ‘traditional’ looking window. 

Q: Should I paint or stain my windows? 
A: This question is difficult to answer as each property suits different applications. Some period properties suit paint far better than stain, and therefore paint should be used to maintain character. However, using stain will allow the beauty of wood to shine through. 

Q: Is it difficult to maintain timber products? 
A: With the use of modern paint and stains maintenance has become easier with longer lasting products, however life expectancy can depend upon location and weathering direction e.g. south facing, however choosing timber products allows you periodically to refresh the look of the product, whereas with UPVC discolouration can be irreversible and again using timber products will enhance the period features of the property.

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